The Car

The Car had been in the garage, stored for 15 months. 

Suddenly it’s time to use the car,

‘Get the car out , you need to get it going again’ 

The voice of urgency said

Strange, I have got used to not having a car.

Better get used to that.

I checked the car, its dusty, 

I turned the engine, it didn’t start the first time. 

With a bit of encouragement it juddered into life. 

Out of practice, hesitant, but still alive. 

I left it a couple of days, nowhere I wanted to go, 

Too worried to get back out on the town again.

Now it won’t start at all

Change of battery.

Diagnosic test, money to spend

Or something else needs fixing. 

Better get onto that. 

In the footwell , a pair of pointed boots. 

On the back seat, a jumper, mildew and forgotten 

A jumper , some shoes, 

I’d not missed them 

I did find a book I really wanted to read , 

Must get on to that. 

I was worried I’d forgotten how to drive 

‘don’t worry’ a friend said ,you will remember once you get going, 

Routes and roads, queues and fumes 

Am I ready for it? 

I walk a lot now, 

Might be easier that. 

I watched my neighbours disappear out of view

The accelerator foot to the floor , 

I feel left behind , bereft and stood still.

Speeding out the garage , fresh valet , gleaming paintwork.

Mines so dusty, musty and dull. 

Better get on to that. 

That zooming car came to halt

In the middle of the roundabout 

Smashed through the barrier 

Written off 

I couldn’t cope with that. 

Feel bad for John across the road.

His car won’t go at all after all this time. Its dead!  Scrap yard. 

How sad.